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The NightSack, a carbon lined URB x NightOwl tested and approved backpack!  With a 25 liter capacity and plenty of pockets for laptops (with velcro hold down straps), cellphones, pens and pencils, and much more these backpacks are incredible!  There is even a zipper pocket inside the main zipper pocket!  They feature heavy duty zipper pulls for years of use, and features like a sunglasses holder on the shoulder strap, hefty side pockets, a usb cable to hook up a charging brick inside of your bag with a port to plug in built into the side of the bag, and a convenience strap that slips over the handle of rolling luggage.  Even a zipper lock for keeping out pesky squirrels!

-Seven Interchangeable Patches.  The patches come with additional die cut backing material that can be sewn on to other items (hoodies, hats, tents, etc.), giving you the ability to use the patches anywhere you can attach the backing!

-A matching URB x NightOwl hatpin and keychain!



Black, Emerald, Violet

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